Los Angeles Founder Chapter


Our Mission:


To initiate and encourage charitable endeavors

and to foster the Mother - Daughter relationship

in social, cultural and philanthropic training


The Charity League was founded in Los Angeles in 1925 by Mrs. Paul William Lawrence.  Its members assisted Childrens' Hospital Los Angeles starting in the 1920's and many families during the Depression.  The Charity League organized the "Hollywood Canteen" of the USO during World War II, then incorporated in 1947 as the National Charity League.  The group changed its corporation status in the early 1950's to allow other National Charity League chapters to be established under a separate corporation all over the United States.

     Over the years, the adult "Patroness" members wished to extend charitable participation opportunities to their daughters, who became known as the "Ticktockers."  The Coronet Debutante program was established in 1949 to recognize and celebrate the most dedicated of these young members.  The Junior Charity League division was created to provide a means for girls who graduated from the Ticktocker program -- but who were too young to participate as Patronesses -- to continue to participate in the National Charity League's many activities and philanthropies. 

   In 1955, noted local International Style architect Richard Neutra designed the 8-acre campus of what came to be the National Charity League, Los Angeles Founder Chapter.  Located at 5000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, the ultra-contemporary facility was built to house an early childhood program of the Rossier School of Education of the University of Southern California.