National Charity League was founded in Los Angeles in 1925 by Mrs. Paul William Lawrence, reactivated in 1946 by Mrs. Marcus Arthur McClure, and incorporated as a not-for-profit in 1947. The organization franchised quickly across the United States.  Today, in response to the desire of the founding group’s desire to return to the more intimate practices of the original standalone organization, National Charity League, Los Angeles is distinct from–but warmly in alliance in goals with–the many chapters of National Charity League Incorporated.

Patroness mothers and Ticktocker daughters in grades 7-12 work together in their grade level grouping, in the community, and in our thrift shop. Volunteer positions hold us accountable, and every participant feels like a valued member of the group.

Philanthropy is at the very core of NCLLA, and our purpose is to provide opportunities for mothers and daughters to enjoy their special relationship in social, cultural and philanthropic environments. Some philanthropies we work closely with are Para Los Ninos, Upward Bound House, Allies for Every Child, St. Joseph’s Center, and Ocean Park Community Center. Families are encouraged to bring in organizations that have special meaning to them, and our approved list details dozens.  Our property at 5000 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles has long provided space for government-assisted preschool programs and other charitable organizations, and we operate Timeless Treasures Ticktocker Thrift Shop at our 9441 Culver Boulevard property in Culver City. Proceeds fund our endeavors, the most exciting of which is the Ticktocker Grant Program: as a grade, Ticktockers identify, prepare, and propose to the Board of Directors a grant for a charity of their choice.

As a women’s organization we expect our mothers to mentor our daughters to be good volunteers and effective philanthropists, and we expect our daughters to keep us relevant. The Ticktocker experience provides opportunities for each girl to know the joy of helping others, to learn tolerance and kindness, and to make friends while sharing and participating in these activities. Historically, the grade groups that offer meaningful hands-on philanthropic opportunities for the girls tend to bond closely and get the most out of the National Charity League experience.


Once a Ticktocker in her final year has fulfilled her obligations, she may wish to culminate the NCL experience by participating in the Coronet Debutante Ball, a breathtaking evening of tradition and family ceremony.  Afterward  her mother may continue to be an active member as a Patroness at Large, and is encouraged to participate in adult groups, attend general functions, and take on a leadership role in the organization.